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Thread: Clusterfeeding problem

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    I think I have gotten myself into a big problem with DS. During the first weeks of BF he would clusterfeed only at nights, but in the last 4 weeks he clusterfeeds all day long. I know he is getting enough milk, lots of wet diapers, he is growing real well, etc...

    I don't mind feeding on demand, even if it means he will feed sometimes every hour for 5 minutes or sometimes every three hours for 10 - 15 minutes.

    He takes one bottle of EBM daily and sometimes he drinks 1 oz , sometimes he takes 4 oz, I usually start with 2oz, and add more if he wants it (so I don't waste much).

    The real problem is that I will be going back to work in a couple of weeks, and the daycare wants me to send "ready to drink bottles". I am planning on sending about 12oz for 8 hours, but I'm afraid if I make 3 - 4oz bottles or 4 - 3oz bottles a lot is going to get wasted if LO only takes 1oz or 2oz at a time.

    I have considered sending 6 -2oz bottles?????

    In your experiece how do daycare facilities handle breastmilk???? Do they offer it just once and discard it or do they offer the same bottle again if it has been less than 1 hour since the last feeding???

    I have also considered having LO on a schedule???, but does that ever work??
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    I've read that some moms send 6 2-oz bottles, and trying that at first might be a good idea for you. Our place would offer the bottle again a short while afterward and then discard the unused milk, I think. Good luck going back to work!

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    I think it depends on your day care. If they have experience with BF'ing moms than it helps b/c they know how to handle the milk. My LO sometimes does the snacking thing too. At first I would send in 5 botles each with 2oz. Now, I send in 3 - 3oz bottles and it is working out fine. However, my daycare is at my work so I can go nurse too and/or bring down my extra milk that I pump.
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    Default Re: Clusterfeeding problem

    ask if your day care has experience handling EBM - if not, here's some things you can possibly print out and give to them:



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