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Thread: How to balance

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    I agree with alot of you ladies. I just started work on the 8th of this month.
    #1 has to be the night before prep work. Pump, lunch, bottles & storage bag, etc all ready to go for in the morning.
    Luckily the baby stay with dad all day so I dont have to pack him up as well. Cleaning has been moved down the line. The craziness when I get home is overwhelming. Be prepared for it the first day.
    I came home to a screaming child, a 6yr old who needed to vent about his school day, a dog who had to pee, no dinner and milk I had pumped but forgot to store because I had too much going on when I got home.
    I did do a few things before I started work. I made sure all laundry (every tiny sock & all) were washed & put away.. same for the dishes. I scrubbed the bathrooms & living area as if it were spring time. Granted its only week 2 but things have gotten a bit better.
    Laundry gets done on Sundays as well as the other chores that have been forgotten about. But you know, you can move that to Saturdays, and use Sunday as your free day.. I had a migraine on Saturday so I decided Sundays as best.
    Granted, the dishes & dinner could be done by dad during the day, but you know, he feels like he has no free time with baby in tow. Huh... isnt that what we have always told them.. Its not as easy as you think, we just make it look easy?
    So I hope you find a happy medium for your family. I definitely suggest you get everything caught up. Also one more note. Does the baby take the bottle well, and stored milk well?
    I found out a few days prior to going to work that I had excess lipase. I did a fridge test & tested the milk every hour after storage. I found that my milk only lasts 17hrs in the fridge and wont last in the freezer at all. I threw out 51oz of frozed EBM!!! But unfortunately, and fortunately, the baby got a cold before I started work and didnt want to eat. I was able to pump and scald the milk he wasnt eating! I would be sure that you make sure your storage & feeding issues are all resolved now.
    I do not pump on my first 15 min break but I pump both sides at lunch & one side at the next break. I also pump once before bed & that gives me what he needs for the next day. I have to label all bottles with the time on it so that the oldest is fed first. Oh my what would I do if I had kept him in daycare.. whew.
    Good luck. I hope my ranting helps!

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    DS is 5wks. I had no idea how little I am able to do while taking care of him. My DH and I decided to hire a cleaning service. It is definitely an expense but I think it will be worth it. I can't stand how dusty and messy our home has become.

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