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Thread: Increase pumping output

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    It has been two weeks back to work and apart from the first two days, I 've managed so far to pump every day the milk for the next day. However, I need to increase pumping output, without interfearing with bf. I definitely need 3-4oz per day more, as I want to be sure she won't need to supplement with formula any more.
    I heard the following trick and I wonder if anybody has tried it:
    You nurse during the night from the one breast and first thing in the morning you pump the other, that has rested all night long and can produce an adequate amount for one feeding.
    At the moment my lo feeds from both sides and if she sleeps before finishing both, she wakes up one hour later to finish her meal. If I try such a thing I should prepare my self for some sleepless nights until my breasts adjust. I just wonder if it works and how much time it needs to regulate.

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    I only have my own experience to draw from, but I always nurse on only one side per feeding, and then pump the other. My daughter has been sleeping through the night since 7 weeks (nee October 25th), and I always start the day FULL of milk after sleeping 8+ hours.

    During the day, she feeds much more frequently, so I do not pump at all and just alternate breasts to make sure I have enough. Then I pump about two hours after she goes to bed (before I go to bed) and again in the morning.

    I have heard that sleeping for 8 or more hours is a function of weight, which makes sense because she is a big girl. They say that sleeping thru the night begins at about 12 lbs. If your daughter is that size or bigger, you may want to try and wean her off the middle of the night feeding by giving her only the one breast, pumping the other, and then soothing her w/o feeding when she wakes up the second time. Then when she adjusts to that, only soothe her during the night and do not feed her. You may have a few rough nights with lots of waking, but she will adjust and start to fill up more before bed time.

    I know this sounds good on paper and maybe not so good in practice, but I have heard it is a good plan and it seemed to work for me. I have been able to pump enough to freeze some milk and keep a stockpile in the fridge for my husband to do some daily feedings with.

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