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Thread: Immediately after pumping Q?

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    Default Immediately after pumping Q?

    This is going to sound like an odd question, but my husband is a chef and he has me concerned -

    Apparently, when you have a warm/hot liquid in a commercial kitchen, you must leave it open to the air to cool so that the condensation does not cause bacteria growth.

    When I pump, I usually just cap the bottles and stick them in the fridge. I have not had any problems with the milk spoiling, (although my frozen milk has a kind of strong smell to it that is not "soapy," so this is how we got started talking about it) but I am wondering if I should start shocking the bottles in ice before capping them.

    Truly, this is an annoying option because I am lucky if i get enough time to pump when I need to without the baby calling me away, so I don't know how I would manage this extra step. But if I should be doing it, I will have to make it happen. Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Immediately after pumping Q?

    I have not heard that about breastmilk, and I have been doing what your husband is saying not to do for 12 months with no problems. I have never had my milk sour that it wasn't otherwise explained.

    Besides, breastmilk has antibacterial properties to it, and most other liquids do not. I don't think you need to shock your bm, nor do I think you need to leave it uncovered. It is warm, not hot, and there isn't very much of it. It takes less than 30 minutes for it to cool to the temperature of the refridgerator, if that.

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    Default Re: Immediately after pumping Q?

    Thank you! I suspected that others must be doing what I have been doing, because I have never seen any literature to the contrary.

    I am going to tell him to stay out of it!!

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    Default Re: Immediately after pumping Q?

    I agree silly hubby....
    its not like 10 gallons of soup cooling from boilling...


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