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Thread: unfinished BM bottle

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    Default unfinished BM bottle

    I can not get this straight... if my daughter doesn't finish a bottle of breast milk at day care, do we have to disregard the few ounces remaining? Or can I give it to her the following day? Thanks

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    I wouldn't save it until the next day. My mom keeps my lo and if there is any left in a bottle she gives it to him at the next feed. The lactation nurse said that it's only good for about 8 hours. What my mom does is only put a couple of ounces in the bottle towards the end of the day. If he takes all of that and wants more then she gives him an ounce at a time to help prevent wastage.

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    i wouldn't save it for the next day either. here's a link that will provide more information.
    Reusing expressed breastmilk

    we re-offer a partially fed bottle for the next feeding. for example, if we offer a 6oz bottle and dd only drinks 3oz, we put the leftovers in the fridge and offer the bottle again for the next feed (typically within the next 4 hours).

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