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Thread: Breastmilk jaundice

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    My 2 1/2 wk old still has jaundice, we just got a wallaby light for her today. Dr. said it was probably 'breastmilk jaundice' since 'normal' jaundice would have gone away by now. Is there anything I can do to help this besides keeping her on the lights? We have another bili check Monday, so she'll be on the light all weekend. Anyone else had this?
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    My baby had jaundice at birth. It was normal at discharge, but he still has that orange tinge to me. Dr said it was normal, no need for concern, he said breastfed babies tend to have it more often than formula fed.
    I'm glad you are getting the light to help her!

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    I faught jaundice with LO for over a month. i went to my post pardum check up at 6 weeks and my ob commented that he was yellow. he still had a reading of like 12.4 at 6 weeks. my dr said some babies just can't get their levels down until their livers kick in around 2 months. we did the bili light and all to get it down and it just took time. my dr. had me very paranoid at first when his levels were going up. i thought they should be coming down quicker than they were. he is now almost 6 months and perfectly healthy. he never called it breastmilk jaundice, but he did want me to supplement with formula, which i ended up giving him like 4 oz total. it was all very stressful for me, but now i know that it happens to lots of babies and don't worry as much.

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    The correct term is 'physiologic jaundice'. Yeah, some babies get this, and it does tend to hang around a little longer in breastfed babies. It's really no cause for concern as long as the numbers don't get too high. Just make sure she keeps eating well and gets exposure to sunlight or the bili lamp. Lots and lots of nursing--you want her to have lots of bowel movements, as this will help get rid of the bilirubin. There's no need to supplement, as long as she's getting enough breastmilk. Here's an article that can help you determine that:


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