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Thread: Won't Take Anything but Breastmilk

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    Question Won't Take Anything but Breastmilk

    My son is 7 months old and he only had formula a couple times early on. Now I can't get him to take anything but breastmilk. We've tried mixing a little of the formula into his breastmilk to see if he'll get the taste but as soon as he tastes it he stops. It makes it hard when my milk is low. He does eat baby food once or twice during the day but then he gets milk with the food after to fill him up. Also, since I'm in the Air Force I'm coming up for a possible deployment out of the country for atleast 4 months in a couple of months and I need to get him off the breastmilk. I only pump now since he's at a daycare and stuff but I need help or some suggestions on the best way to get him to take some formula or other substitutions.

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    Your son has good taste! :-)
    But, seriously, you must be worried about what will happen as you get closer to deployment.
    It's fortunate you have a couple of months to keep trying and make the transition gradually for both of you.
    Does he take a cup (like those soft-spouted Avent ones)? Maybe if the container isn't like a bottle it would help him adjust to the difference?
    Here's a link to some weaning basics.
    Hope this helps,

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