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    Question Question about another thread

    I read in another thread this post by Hunoosh:
    Re: Gassy Baby


    Typically BF babies don't get gassy very often. However, gassy BF baby can be from OALD which I found out I had after my boys were a few months old...I thought spraying was normal! Also, the congestion can be from that too.
    What is OALD? My baby is very gassy too. She says that she thought spraying was normal, well I spray my poor baby in the face often! And she mentions congestion, well he woke up congested this morning. He sounds like (sorry, but for lack of a better term) he's got a snotty nose. However, my 20mth old has had a cold, but I've heard that it's very rare for a newborn to get a cold, especially breastfed infants. Is that a misconception? Oh, and the person that started the thread mentioned her baby having bubbly saliva. Is that a sign of dehydration? Gus has bubbly spit from time to time too.
    That post just made me paranoid, lol .
    Thanks again!!!

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    OALD stands for Over Active Let Down. DON'T worry about dehydration unless you baby is having less than 4 wet diapers a day. In a newborn that translates to 4 or more diapers that has more than than a tablespoon of liquid in each.

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    Ok, that makes sense, lol. I wonder if that's the case? My letdown can be painful almost! It only lasts a second, but ouch!!
    And he has plenty of dirty diapers, so I'm not worried about dehydration then.
    Thanks so much!!

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