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    any sites/threads deal with single moms? my husband has just decided to leave me and i am wondering if there are any other bf singles or seperated (perm. or temporary-hopefully mine is temporary). thanks?

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    Oh, I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. I don't know of any websites or other internet resources to support moms in breastfeeding while separated. But I know that there are lots and LOTS of women who have been in your position.

    If visitation/custody becomes an issue, there is legal precedent for taking the breastfeeding relationship into consideration in making these arrangements. I've read about a lawyer or two who specialize in protecting the legal rights of breastfeeding moms through these problems.

    I also wanted to share that my own sister found herself in a similar situation; when her dd was 5yo, her older son was a toddler, and her youngest was only 3 months or so, her husband left very abruptly. I know it was a terribly difficult time, but the separation proved temporary, and she did go on to nurse her youngest for a long time.

    Good luck and let us know how we can support you through this time.


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    I know of this site, though I don't visit it too often...

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