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Thread: vommiting and low weight gain

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    Default vommiting and low weight gain

    Hi everybody
    I am a first time mommy. My Mathew is 11 weeks old and weights 4700 (birth weight 3458- ou of hospital 3220)since he was 3 weeks old he started vomitting from time to time. At his last doctor visit i was told he is gaining only 12.3 gr a day. ia am very worried . He grew 4 cm. i am trying to still bf him. My doctor sd i should wake Mathew up for additional feeding at night but my nurse said it is a very bad ide because he will get used to it and wake up every night to eat. i am very confused and worrrried!!!!!!
    does anybody have the same problem ..any advice?? Please

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    Smile Re: vommiting and low weight gain

    All babies spit up and it always looks like a lot. it is a worry if the spitup is very forceful and lands across the room. Otherwise it is just a laundry problem. Your body know how much milk to make for your baby by how frequently your baby empties the breasts. At four months most babies are nursing 7-8 times per day and sometimes more frequently. If baby is fussy and it has been an hour or two since he has nursed offer breast again. Be very stingy with pacifier. Baby needs calories and some babies will just suck and not eat often enough. The breast is comfor as well as food and the baby gets fed in the bargain. A lot of babies will grow longer one month and put on weight the next month. Most babies should be gaining about 1/2 to 1oz per day. Adding two extra feedings per day will eincrease your milk supply and youshould see more weight gain.

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