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    HI again everyone,

    My little guy was not the greatest eater in the hospital. He got a blood transfusion for anemia (hematocrit was 23, he had other symptoms like poor blood oxygenation) about a week before we came home, which transformed him from a real puny eater into a ravenous baby.

    Well now he's been home for a month and of course his hematocrit is dropping again. It was up to 37 after the transfusion, 2 weeks ago it was down to 29 again. He's starting to eat more slowly and sluggishly again, despite the silly iron vitamins we have been giving him all along (has anyone ever heard of those actually working.. I know when I am anemic iron never seems to help!) . I'm concerned that at the next ped. visit, we might have to talk transfusion again.

    Has this happened to anyone else, and did the anemia turn itself around the second time? Is there anything I can do to help him eat better and to help his little body start making more red blood cells, or is it just something that will happen "when it happens?" His gestational age is now about 42 weeks.

    A related question- how long of an eating session is "normal?" It takes us about an hour to get 30 minutes of actual nursing accomplished.

    --- Mrs. M.

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    When our 28 wkr came home I had to give iron but it was a liquid form. I dont knwo anything about the pills. DS did have one transfusion but he was a few weeks old at that point and hasnt had to have one since.

    Regarding your eating question.. it took DS usually 45 minutes to eat, and then he wanted to eat again rather quickly. I dont think there is a normal for preemies. I let him eat/comfort nurse for as long as he wanted. I figured that anyone who has to spend their first 2 months of life in a plastic box can have as much as he wants. We are now 3 1/2 months age (adjusted) and he eats for about 10 minutes and is good for 2 hours. Best of luck to you and your new sweetie!

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