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Thread: Bresatfeeding at work

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    My baby will be 5 month old next sunday, I pump 3 times a day but recently the amount of milk I get is smaller. I'm getting 3-4oz from both breast each time, before the holidays i used to get 6.

    I nurse my baby in the morning at 6am for 40 minutes, pump for 20 minutes and get 4-5 oz, then, at work I pump at 11 for 30 minutes and get 4oz, Nurse my baby at 1p.m. for 40 minutes, pump at work at 4:30 p.m. and get 3oz, and nurse my baby at 6:30p.m., 10pm and 3am, all for 30 minutes.

    I'm concerned becaused my baby in the morning (while i'm at work) drinks 2 bottles of 6oz each, and in the afternoon (between 3 and 6) drinks 2 bottles of 6oz each, and I'm not getting that amount when I pump.

    I need to know if this is normal, and what to do to improve the amount of milk. Sometimes I think is my pump. please, I need help because I want to nurse my baby at least until his 6 month

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    I'm moving this to working were you'll receive more replies.

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    Keep up the good work! If I didn't get the encouragement from this forum, I think I would have stopped long ago.

    I pump also and get varying amounts. I've almost always supplemented with formula (couple of ounces). You might want to try fenugreek and this Mother's Milk tea. Some say oatmeal increases, and I've tried beer. Beer seems to work, my husband is impressed. I usually try to have half a can of beer right after feeding and then waiting for 1 hour. It's hard to schedule it around DS.

    DS ended up getting too much hindmilk, but you could try switching breasts more frequently. It seems to stimluate supply.

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    You mentioned you think it could be the pump... What type of pump are you using and how old is it? The lactation consultants at the hopital where I delivered had some sort of instrument where they could test the pumps for working efficiency. I wonder if a hospital or lactation consultants near you could help? Or your pump's customer service line?

    If it is not your pump, I wonder if a weekend devoted only to breatfeeding and then pumping after each feeding, in combinaton with some of the fenugreek or other suggestions would help increase your supply back to what it was over the holidays?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jazmine View Post
    I'm concerned becaused my baby in the morning (while i'm at work) drinks 2 bottles of 6oz each, and in the afternoon (between 3 and 6) drinks 2 bottles of 6oz each, and I'm not getting that amount when I pump.
    This seems like alot of milk in that amount of time ...

    The rule of thumb I've read is that baby needs 1 to 1.5 oz milk for every hour away from mom. So if baby is in day care for 10 hours that would be 10 to 15 oz. It looks like right now your baby is getting 24 oz while he's in day care from bottles plus he's nursing from you?

    Some things to check:
    - bottle nipple size .... most babies should still be using the "1" newborn slow flow nipples so they need to work some to get milk from a bottle
    - is day care offering a bottle every time your LO gets fussy rather than trying other ways to soothe?

    Some resources:

    My 5.5 mo old typically goes through 12 oz during 8 hours of day care. I send him with 2 bottles of 5oz each plus an extra 5oz in a milk storage bottle.
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    I was also thinking that was a lot of milk. I send my LO with 10-12 ounces for an 8 hour period.

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    I agree that is a lot of milk, and I think it might be because the bottles are too big. 6 oz at one time is a very large amount of breastmilk. Formula bottles are bigger because it is not all as digestible as breastmilk. The way milk flows from any bottle encourages babies to keep sucking even if they aren't especially hungry.

    I sent 4 4 oz bottles to daycare when my baby was that age, and it worked out fine for me. Maybe try that? I hope this helps!

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