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Thread: pumping and low milk supply

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    Default pumping and low milk supply

    I have recently started exclusively pumping for my 3 month old son and I am worried that my milk supply will drop quicker than if I were actually nusing. Is it true that your body can tell the difference between pumping and nursing? I am using the medela pump in style, pumping every 4-6 hours for 10-15 minutes, getting 2-4 ounces from each breast. When I was both pumping and nursing, I would easily get 4-5 ounces from each breast. Is there something that I can do to keep my milk supply up?

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    Can you explain your circumstances in depth a little more? What reason do you have to pump ect.

    Yes, your body knows its not your baby. The bb gives alot of extra stimulation: mouth, tongue, visual reinforcement and auditory cues all effect your letdown and milk production. You just do your best to simulate bfing your baby. Get a picture to look at, imagine bb crying for milk, better yet record it and listen to it, massage breasts.

    Up the frequency of pumping if you are able.
    here is a link to dr sears, it has a lot of information on pumping.

    hope that helps.
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    Default Re: pumping and low milk supply

    Perhaps you could pump more frequently. You could also try hand expressing after pumping to assure that your breasts are well drained. http://www.lactationinstitute.org/MANUALEX.html

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