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Thread: urine infection in baby boy!!! HELP!!!

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    Default urine infection in baby boy!!! HELP!!!

    it's always one thing after another isn't it? When I thought I had it the worst, something else would happen to make me think again. I mentioned in another post that my 3-wk-old baby was having slight fever since Friday night. Doctor took urine sample for culture and today the results got back with some bacteria in his urine. Doctor will be starting antibiotics for baby.

    What have I done wrong to have caused the urine infection in my baby boy? I heard urine infection is more common in infant boys than girls. Since baby is pooping with almost EVERY feeding, I'm cleaning him around the clock every1-2 hours. He's wearing disposables and I always clean off his poo with baby wet wipes.

    Please advice... I am feeling rather helpless and hopeless! First it's the latch, cracked & badly damaged nipples, then mastitis, then thrush (still treating it in baby and me now), then baby's fever, and now this!

    Is the urine infection causing baby to spit up and vomit more often (he's started spitting up about the same time his fever started)? His fever has been slight only and it goes on and off with the fever medicine. Also is the infection causing him to keep on unlatching and relatching during nursing, crying furiously for reasons I cannot fathom???

    Sigghhhh..... I am feeling really down... so many things to worry about! Thanks for your help!

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    Default Re: urine infection in baby boy!!! HELP!!!

    I don't know much about the urine infections, but I would start taking acidophilus caplets if i were you to try to avoid thrush as a result from the antibiotics. I also took the caplets and opened them up and sprinkled the acidophilus powder in my son's mouth when he had thrush.

    Just be vigilant when you or your baby are on antibiotics because thrush is always a possibility.

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    Default Re: urine infection in baby boy!!! HELP!!!

    Big hugs to you. I understand what you're going through! You have NOT CAUSED the infection in your precious boy! My first two daughters, now 4 & 6, both developed urinary tract infections and pyelonephritis at 6 wks of age. They were both hospitalized for 5-7 days to receive IV antibiotics. Particularly after my second daughter got one I felt like I must be doing something wrong. Just like you, I went through all the questions about how I was changing diapers, etc. The pediatrician assured me that we were just unlucky and that there is much that is unknown about why some babies get these infections, and some don't, It is NOT an issue of lack of cleanliness. As the previous poster mentioned, thrush is a real risk following antibiotics. We struggled with it both times. It's so much better if you can prevent it in the first place.

    Incidentally, I found that both of my daughters did spit up more when they were ill with their infections, not sure if it is a symptom of a UTI or not.

    Keep up the good work!

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