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Thread: Want to be a SAHM - any ideas for work from home?

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    Default Re: Want to be a SAHM - any ideas for work from home?

    I am part of a direct sell programs called VeggieTales Moms. I do home shows and sell Veggie Tales items.

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    Default Re: Want to be a SAHM - any ideas for work from home?

    It is also helpful when you stop to really crunch the numbers and realize that being at work is not bringing in all the money you think it is. Going back to work means paying for daycare, and possibly formula if your breastfeeding is jeopardized. BIG bucks. Working means more gas, more eating out, money for work clothes....all sorts of hidden costs. When you think about it, I don't think that it is really worth it at all especially because as you said, leaving your baby to go to work is hard. I think it is hard for a reason. Careers are great but NOTHING is more important than being a mother. When did our society lose sight of that?

    Some things we did- many already listed in pp's. Sold one car. We probably didn't need to do this but we did because we had a baby at a really hard time financially and needed to catch up once and for all and pay off some debts, or prevent more debts at least. Cloth diapers do save a lot of money if you can make the initial investment. They are easy and so much better for your baby anyway. I have a couple of things that I do on the side- I work part time from home and part time at a nursery at my local church. I can bring the baby with me and I am only scheduled to work twice a month but can find more work if I need it. Eating at home and preparing meals at home saves us tons. We have always loved eating out and miss it but my husband also loves eating home cooked meals (a whole lot better than the frozen food that we lived off of while I was pg) and we save a ton. I buy all her clothes second hand. I love it this way because I can get a lot of really cute things for cheap cheap cheap. I am really obsessed with cute baby clothes and feel like she is really well dressed! Try this website...... www.ouac.com to see if there is one in your area. If not, there are tons of resale shops out there- check your local listings.

    Also, be careful. There are a ton of scams out there directed at WAHM's.
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    Default Re: Want to be a SAHM - any ideas for work from home?


    I am a SAHM, and I have been recently looking for something to do at home to bring in some extra income. I am not sure how much money you are wanting to make, but I would suggest looking at the website wahm.com. It has a lot of helpful information and suggestions for starting your own business and also links to various companies that hire people to work at home for them as an independent contractor. I have not actually signed up for any of these companies because you have to have a pc, not a mac for 99% of them and also high speed internet, not dial-up. I plan to save up and get a new computer and high speed in the next couple months so that I can start generating some income. Becoming a wahm may require an intial investment, but as an independent contractor, I believe all things you buy will be tax deductible at the end of the year as long as you save your receipts!

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Want to be a SAHM - any ideas for work from home?

    I also work, but would love to be a SAHM. I just signed up with AVON in hopes that I can make it happen. There are lots of people who have changed their lives with AVON so I'm hoping I will to. Plus, it only costs $10 to sign up. AVON is pretty easy, because you just have to leave books with people, no parties, no inventory, and your kids can do it with you. They have lots of great products at resonable prices. E-mail me at jperry7070@charter.net if you are interested.

    Good luck!! I'm sure you'll find something.

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    Default Re: Want to be a SAHM - any ideas for work from home?

    I just have to pop in here, as the Mod for this forum. La Leche League does not support or endorse any of these work-at-home opportunities. Please investigate any and all business opportunities thoroughly before spending any of your money investing in the company. This is for your own protection.

    Thanks everyone for being so nice and polite in this thread! :-)

    Love, your Mod, who is also a WAHM.
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