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Thread: Afriad I'm gonna lose it...

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    Exclamation Afriad I'm gonna lose it...

    I'm having low supply problems. At least I think I do. About a week ago I went into the ER with a sore spot in my left breast and a slight fever. I'm not covered by insurance and so I couldn't just make a doctor's appointment. My mom is a nurse and has had 5 kids, so I called her to ask her what to do about it. She said that I should go to the hospital because if it was mastitis, things could get a lot worse really quick. So I went, and I did have an early form of mastitis, and the doctor wanted to check and make sure that it didn't get any worse that what she though and turned into an absess, so she sent me to get a breast ultrasound. She also told me to stop breastfeeding. Up until then I had been pumping and then giving DS the breast milk in a bottle. Which I was fine with, I mean at least he's getting it. I couldn't just nurse him because he had latching problems and my nipples were raw and cracked and bleeding and I cried every time I even THOUGHT about having to nurse him.

    So here's my problem. When I went to the ER and the doctor told me to stop breastfeeding, I got engorged and then after that my breasts slowly have become less swollen. Now they're to the point where when I try to pump, VERY little comes out. We're talking not even an ounce from BOTH sides. There is still at least SOMETHING left though, 'cause I can still feel them "let down" a little every once in a while.

    I REALLY want to breastfeed my son, not only because it's better for him, but we've only bought two cans of formula and it's already getting pricy. Lol.

    Any help would be WONDERFULLY appreciated.

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    First, I'm really suprised that the doctor told you to quit breastfeeding, since one of the treatments for mastitis is to actually increase feeds or add pumping sessions. You want to get that milk duct empty, and letting it back up with milk can actually make it worse. (I've suffered through mastitis twice myself and am actually a nurse, so I feel pretty comfortable saying that.)

    What I did after having mastitis was this ( I also suffered supply issues afterward) was increased feeds and/or pumping, and I also took fenugreek. Back then I didn't know about eating oatmeal to help increase your supply or I would have done that as well. Anyway, I took 3 fenugreek tabs with each meal, increased my fluid intake, and also pumped at work every 2 hours instead of every three, and I nursed my baby as often as she would let me. I got plenty of rest and would even pump after the baby nursed. Once I started on the fenugreek I noticed a dramatic increase in my supply. Also, my lactation nurse said that nipple stimulation helped increase supply, so she recommended that when I pumped and got empty to turn the pump off, wait five minutes, then start back pumping again. I really suprised me how much more milk I got when I did that. And after a few days I noticed that the time of day that I could do that I started feeling more and more engorged.

    Most of all- I hope you're feeling better and a really big

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    I too am VERY shocked that they told you to stop Bfing that was the first thing they told me to conti. when I got mastitis. Keep pumping and take fenugreek 1-2 pills 3 times a day and you can also get mothers milk. These are things that I am doing now since my supply is gone down also.

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    I'm sorry I am late getting to this post, but how are things going for you now? I'm sorry you received information which seems to have affected your supply. You must be very troubled by this. I hope you are feeling better now.

    Have you been trying to BF or pump?

    If so, how often?

    Would you be able to contact a local LLL Leader or maybe an LC at the hospital where you delivered? This might be helpful for you-to work with someone in person.

    In the meantime, have you checked the stickies at the top of this forum on increasing supply? They have some good ideas.

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