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Thread: Help With Down Syndrome Baby!!

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    Unhappy Help With Down Syndrome Baby!!

    Hey everyone!

    I recently had a newborn boy who was 2 mos premature and also has Down Syndrome. i have successfully nursed 2 other children, one of which still nurses for comfort at 1 1/2. The problem I have had with my new son is he cannot latch on. He is now a month old,tho his due date was Feb 3rd. At first was very interested, rooted like crazy and tried really hard. Now his interest seems to have decreased and i think he is suffering from nipple confusion. I have tried the nipple shields, starving him (no bottle), waiting till he is very hungry, letting down in his mouth, and various holds. Iam very stressed at this point thinking it will never happen and I want to nurse him so BAD!!!!!! I need help or advice from other mothers with Downs babies. Is it possible he just will never get the hang of it no matter what I try? is there a sure fire trick that is gonna make this kid latch on? My other two were like pit bulls fromthe delivery table so this, I am not used to at all. Please help if you can any tips would be great!
    Mary Ann

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    I'm going to quote something from The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding pg. 288

    A baby with Down Syndrome is often sleepy during the first few weeks and may have a poor suckling reflex, so extra help and patience with breastfeeding are in order. Be calm and patient as he learn to latch on, suck, and swallow. You may need to pump after feedings in the early days to stimulate your milk supply. If your baby needs supplements at first, you can offer this high-calorie hindmilk in a cup, eye dropper, feeding syringe, or nursing supplementer. Breastfeeding may get off to a slow start, but babies with Down Syndrome will eventually learn how to nurse. Don't be discouraged if you encounter problems. The rewards of nursing your baby are well worth the extra effort. With your loving help your baby will catch on.
    Have you see a LC? The LLL have a pamphlet Breastfeeding a Baby with Down Syndrome, you may want to call your local LLL leaders to see if they have it as well for some personal support. If I find anything else I'll post it later.

    Take care!

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    Default Re: Help With Down Syndrome Baby!!

    I don't have any personal experience, but I just wanted to share this story. A friend/acquaintance of mine had a baby with Down Symdrome. He was also premature. She tried every day to get him to latch on. She really didn't think he ever would. When he was six weeks old, he did and went on to nurse for 3 years.

    Good luck and keep us posted!

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    Default Re: Help With Down Syndrome Baby!!

    My nephew has down syndrome, and I know that nursing was very difficult in the beginning. I don't have any great advice, except to keep trying and to stick with it. He too went on to nurse for almost 3 years. He is very strong and healthy now.

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    Default Re: Help With Down Syndrome Baby!!

    Try scrolling down to the "chronic conditions- baby" section of the LLL forum. There may be mothers there that have had experiences to share! good luck, give that bb a kiss from us all.

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