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Thread: Constipation?

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    Default Constipation?

    How do you know if your LO is constipated? My LO is making mad grunting noises and turning red, but in between she is smiling if I distract her. She also had her immunization shots today. Do you think that's why she's making those noises?

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    Just a thought... Maybe it is just a fun new noise that she has learned how to make. My DS#2 likes to scream
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    How's her poop texture? If she's contipated it should like hard pellets.

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    Mami Kathy is right......Also, lots of babies strain and grunt even if they're not constipated. DS #3 would do that, and then he'd have the regular breastmilk poos that are somewhat runny.


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    heres a link from dr sears.

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