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However....DO take issue w/ your PEDI TELLING you anything! They should be suggesting and telling you WHY they personally are suggesting. But you shouldn't be afraid to push back or tell what you have researched and found. You certainly should NOT have to worry about upsetting your Pediatricians feeling by doing research as a parent and coming to your own conclusions. Pediatricians should be making recommendations and wording it so that that is what if feels like. Because ultimately the decision is yours and that is to be respected at all times!
If you feel like she's telling you what to do or that she might be "mad" you didn't do what she recommended, those are red flags to me.
I agree....when I went to my los 2nd and 4th month appt. my pedi asked me ---when I plan on introducing solids and took the conversation from there and went on to suggest and give her advice that I very much respect and trust! She's been our family Dr. for 12ys for a reason!