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Thread: how do you bottle feed?

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    Default how do you bottle feed?

    We have an argument with my mother that takes care of the baby. She says that she should offer milk to my daugher until she cannot drink anymore, that means that she has to leave milk in the bottle. I know that other mothers that feed with formula do the same thing, if the baby empty the bottle, they offer more.
    On the other hand, I insist that she gives her until she is happy and not crying, so that she nurses more when I am home.
    What is your approach? And one more question: The DCP feeds at regural times or following baby's hungry cues?

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    Default Re: how do you bottle feed?

    The information I have from the health department on feeding your baby suggests what your mother is doing...there should always be some milk left in the bottle. But, that is for formula fed babies. What I do is give the baby enough in the bottle to get her to the point that I want to nurse her again. Because, there is no point in giving baby a 5 oz bottle at 2 or 3 in the afternoon if I'm going to come home from work at 4 feeling like I need to nurse. I played around with it a bit until I knew how much DD needed to eat to keep her full the amount of time I needed her satisfied.

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    It's hard not to treat pumped breastmilk like gold. Funny how it's more like a renewable resource when straight from the breast, but a limited resource when pumped. So, we try to gage it so that DS won't waste much. If he finishes a bottle and seems hungry, we'll make another one. But he also loves a pacifier, so we'll slip that in and he'll quickly drift off to sleep. If he's still hungry, he ejects the paci (forcefully spitting it across the room ), and we make another 2 ounces. He's gained weight well at each doctor's visit and he's now 1 year old.

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    my mother feed my lo way more milk than i would ever think that she could eat. i have not noticed a decline in her wanting to nurse when we are together. it is hard knowing that some of my milk is being poured down the drain, however i feel good knowing that all of her needs are being met when i am not there to confort her.

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    Default Re: how do you bottle feed?

    Bottle Feeding the Breastfed Baby

    This is a great resource to print off and give to caregivers. I hope it helps!

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