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Thread: working and Night waking

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    I just started back to work myself. DS is 10 weeks old, and is typically getting up 2-3 times a night. The last week, we put him down around 10, and I make it into bed by 11. Then he's up around 4 and I just take him to the couch and side-lye feed and doze. The next thing I know it's 5:30 and time to get up anyway. But now he's starting a growth spurt, so I think my "easy" nights are over for a while!

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    I can't believe my body adjusts to the increase in nighttime nursing that I 've experienced these past four months. I don't nap either. Just work, nurse, sleep when I can (LOL). My 10 month old nurses through the night like she did as a newborn. I have gotten better at falling back to sleep after nursing and that is what saves me. I just wish she would take her longest stretch (3 hours) later in the evening rather than early so I could sleep with her!

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    I found that a good night time routine works wonders. As soon as we got home from the hospital I started a routine of bathing her and putting her to sleep (at about 17h00 at first). The longer we used the routine the longer she would sleep. JUst stick to it no matter what.

    So by the time I went back to work when she was 3 months old she would always go to sleep after her bath.

    I get home at about 17h30 give her a long feed, see to her older sister (24 months old) give the little dd a bath and feed and she goes to sleep
    (about 19h00 to 19h30) then she wakes up between 02h00 and 03h00 for a feed - no problem because she sleeps in a cot next to my bed and then I wake at about 05h00 get ready, give her a feed and leave for work at about 06h15. The older dd usually wakes up after I have left and the caregiver there from early. I did the same for older dd and managed to breastfeed and work for nine months (until she was 12 months old) and am going on for two months with younger dd (who is now 5 months).

    The great thing is that older dd has had the same routine from young so after I have put young one to bed older dd baths and goes to sleep at about 20h00 to 20h30 and generally sleeps through the night. I also have the help of my husband or mother in law most nights so am lucky.

    I do the the cooking for the following day the night before after everyone has gone to bed (easy one pot meals). Have a bath watch a bit of tv and still get to bed by 21h30 to 22h00.

    So I would really recommend a nice easy routine that causes the least amount of stress for everyone! Now the whole family is pretty well rested and well fed! Hey it doesn't always go according to plan and sometimes the wheels come off BUT most of the time it works like a charm.

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    I went back when DD was 10 wks old. THe 1st 2 weeks I went back my husband stayed home w/ her so he'd bring her to me to nurse. We were in a good little routine - everyone in bed by 10, up at 2 or 3 for nursing, then down again till 6 when we all got up. And she was such a great baby - going right back to sleep after eating!
    NOW she's in daycare and both me and my husband work full time. She's been there for 2 weeks and our tidy little nightime schedule is shot to h&ll.
    She gets home exhausted from daycare at about 4:30, eats, plays for MAYBE 30 minutes and then is usually sound asleep by 6 or 7. I try to wake her around 8 or 9 for a good last feeding, but it's hard b/c she's so tired. So now she's up at midnight, 2:30 or 3, and lately for some reason fussy from 3-5:30. Joy. I've tried keeping her up to go to bed later, but it just makes her exhausted during the day and fussy the next evening. So I"m just trying to go with the flow. I AM tired, but I stopped counting the number of hours of sleep I got per night a looooong time ago. I can function pretty well. I don't even drink caffeinated beverages b/c they seem to make her fussy. Never would've thought I could do it, but I can. You'll surprise yourself.

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