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Thread: Bringing bottled breastmilk to daycare

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    Question Bringing bottled breastmilk to daycare

    My day care would prefer the milk already bottled into single servings rather than in larger pumped bottles or milk bags. I am required to bring the milk daily and take home any milk left at the end of the day or dump it (They will not allow milk to remain in their refrigerator or freezer overnight because of the chance that the refrigerator could loose power). I have 2 questions relating to this:

    1) Leftovers Scenario: I transport refrigerated bottles of breast milk (1 or 2 days old) in a cooler bag with a blue freezer block in the morning to work (about 1 hour in the car), the bottle then sits in their fridge all day, at the end of the day I pack it back in a cooler bag with a blue block (which I keep in the freezer all day so it is still frozen), I drive back home (1 hour) and put it in my fridge. Is this milk still good? I can not smell spoiled milk (who know why) so I can not do a sniff test. Any time I taste the milk it taste a little spoiled - even when fresh pumped. Any other ideas of how to test?
    I always end up with an extra bottle b/c I bring enough to feed her bottles but I try to go in and nurse her at least once which leads to an extra bottle to bring home. I have to bring enough in the event that I can not nurse her one day I do not want her to go hungry or be given formula.

    2) How much do most babies eat at one feeding? My LO is just over 3 months and generally eats Oz at each feeding except at night she will eat up to 6oz (though I generally only nurse at night - no bottles). I use Dr. Brown's bottles and I need to purchase more. Should I buy the big 8oz bottles or more of the 4oz bottles? I prefer the 4oz because they are easier to handle and transport but if she is going to start eating more than 4oz at a time real soon then I should just buy the larger 8oz bottles. I know this is a silly question but I am a 1st time mom and for all I know a baby could be 2 before they take the larger bottle or they could take it at 4 months of age - I don't know.

    Thanks in advance!!
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    Default Re: Bringing bottled breastmilk to daycare

    I would stick with the 4 oz bottles.
    The funny thing about bottles they will keep sucking unitll its all gone.
    there will be less chances they will waste milk if its in smaller bottles anyways.
    just make sure your rotating the milk well and use the leftover bottles 1st the next day.

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    Default Re: Bringing bottled breastmilk to daycare

    I agree with the pp about the 4 oz bottles and as far as telling if the milk is spoiled, is there someone at home that could smell your milk and be able to tell if it is spoiled?

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    Default Re: Bringing bottled breastmilk to daycare

    The rule of thumb that I've heard is baby needs 1 to 1.5 oz for every hour away from mom. My DS is in day care 8 hours which means he'd be taking about 8 to 12 oz in that time. When he started day care at 12 weeks, he was only doing 2 or 3 oz at a time and eating pretty often. I sent his milk in 4 oz bottles plus extra in milk storage bottles. He gradually has been increasing the amount he eats at a time and had moved to eating less frequently - now at 5.5 months old he usually does 2 bottles of 5 or 6 oz each. I used the 4 oz bottles for a long time because I didn't want day care to overfeed my LO or the milk sitting out between feedings. I didn't switch to larger bottles until LO was consistently doing 5 or 6 oz per feeding and day care was getting a little annoyed with me for doing these feedings in the small bottles.

    If the milk has been continuously refrigerated or in a cooler with blue ice, I think its fine to reuse the next day. If I'm not sure I smell & taste.


    I use a little piece of masking tape to label all my day care bottles in the order I want them to use the bottles - "1", "2", "3", etc with "1" being the oldest milk. For us "3" is the extra milk in a storage bottle and it comes back mostly full. I take the milk that was "3" and it becomes the "1" for the next day.
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