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Thread: reheating cereal?

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    Default reheating cereal?

    Can you reheat rice cereal or oatmeal with breastmilk using a microwave? I prepared cereal for my LO the other day because I thought she was ready to eat, but she wasn't hungry. I threw it out (directions on the box say to discard unused portions) and prepared a fresh batch when she was ready to eat a bit later. Could I have reheated it?
    Also, can I prepare cereal with bananas and breastmilk and take it prepared for my MIL to feed her a couple of hours later?

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    Once you heat up the cereal with breastmilk in it you need to discard any that is left. It is just like when you warm up EBM for a bottle. It is a shame to throw out that precious BM, but bacteria does start to grow. As for making the cereal up ahead of time, that is fine. Just keep it refrigerated.
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    Default Re: reheating cereal?

    If you have spooned out of the container directly into your lo's mouth, you are better off discarding it. If not, then you are probably okay. I prepare cereal for my lo and keep it refridgerated and take it to the sitters for her, but we haven't fed out of it yet. HTH! If not, let me know!

    I wanted to add b/c the pp beat me to it that it is okay to re-use heated breastmilk once within a 4-hour period. But not more than once and not after 4 hours.

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    Default Re: reheating cereal?

    If you've fed her out of the container already, then I think you need to throw it out. I'm not sure about reheating though. I think if I'd heated it once, I'd throw it out, rather than putting it back in the fridge and heating again. In the future though, you could try giving cold cereal. I give my LO cereal mixed with cold breastmilk and he loves it (then you don't have to worry about the reheating problem at all).

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