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Thread: So confused on frozen breast milk

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    Default So confused on frozen breast milk

    Hi all -

    My son has never been exclusively breastfed - ever since he was a newborn, he has been given half formula/half breastmilk. This was due to a situation where he was in the NICU and we've been happy with this arrangement.

    He starts his regular daycare this Monday (he is almost 5 months old) and I have a question on frozen breastmilk.

    I never had the intention of nursing/pumping this long but have found that I enjoy it. Because of that, I went on a 'freezing milk' frenzy in hopes of freezing enough breastmilk for a month and a half so he would hit 6 months of age with having some breastmilk. Now that he's 5 months old, I've found that I can do this and keep pumping/nursing.

    I now have almost 1000 oz. of bmilk - the oldest bmilk was frozen on November 30th so we're at a little over 3 months old. After that, a bulk of it is from the months of December and January.

    What is the best way to thaw and use the frozen bmilk?

    Can I run a bag of frozen bmilk (his bottles are 3 oz. bmilk/ 3oz. formula) under warm water, mix his bottles for the day, and will it be good as long as I give him all the bottles within 24 hours? He has 4 bottles a day and has started cereal. Is this how the daycare should do it?

    If I defrost the bmilk in the fridge, how long does that usually take? Does the 24 hour mark start as soon as I put the bag in the fridge?

    I'm just simply confused.


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    Default Re: So confused on frozen breast milk

    To thaw frozen breastmilk, run it under cold water until it is mostly thawed, then finnish with warm warter. Or just leave it in the fridge to thaw.

    I wouldn't mix the breastmilk and formula, especally if it's not going to be refridgerated. The breastmilk is good at room temp for quite some time, but the formula goes bad much faster.

    Why not just make two 3 oz bottles to keep the milk and formula separate? Then always offer the breastmilk first, so he drinks all of that and doesn't waste any. Offer the formula once he's done the breastmilk, so if he doens't quite finnish that, at least you're not throwing away any breastmilk.

    Here are some LLL links that might help you:

    I'm curious why he is drinking such large bottles at his age. I know my ds who is 11 mo nurses 10 times in 24 hrs. It's not bottles, but only 4 bottles seems like a lot of milk all at once and then making him wait so long btwn meals.

    Anyway, hope this helps.

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    Default Re: So confused on frozen breast milk

    Hi - thank you for you responding. I do premake his bottles where they are refrigerated so they don't go bad. He is a very good eater and downs 6oz with no problem - I can't recall anytime where I've had to throw away breastmilk - and he seems satisfied afterwards. I spoke with his pediatrician and he said that 6oz is a good amount at this age for him.

    He has started solids and also has cereal in addition to the bottles. I also nurse him when I get home from work as well as during 1 feeding around 4:30am so it's not just 4 bottles he's having.

    I hope that helps.

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