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Thread: Occasionally supplement. Is it dangerous?

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    Default Occasionally supplement. Is it dangerous?

    I returned to work last week, and till now I have not established a routine and I cannot figure out how to do it, as my lo doesn’t have regular sleeping/waking hours. That affects my pumping output as well as the quantity of milk that she needs while I am away.
    I pump twice at work and I get 7-9 oz in total. If my dd goes to bed at around 10pm, I can pump 2-3 oz at midnight, but that is rare. It is not possible to add pumping sessions while at home, as I bf every two hours and in between I cannot get a single drop.
    I am away for 7 hours including commuting. I usually bf just before I go to work and in that case, she needs 2 bottles of 3-4 oz each and then bf again when I am back.
    The problem is that some days, she wakes up earlier, at 5-6 am and at 7 she refuses to nurse and then she is hungry earlier and she needs more milk. Those days my mother usually gives her some formula (1-3 oz) to calm her until I return.
    Until now this has happened 2 days out of 5 days in total. I am working on increasing output to at least 10-12 oz, so that she doesn’t need any supplement, but it is not at all easy. I am afraid that if I let thing as they are, the occasional supplement will become a regular one and will decrease my supply.
    I want to fix things now that it is early enough, so I don’t have to deal with major issues later on and I would appreciate any advice.

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    Default Re: Occasionally supplement. Is it dangerous?

    To answer your question, No, I personally doen't think the world will end. But the real question I read here is: " how do I increase my milk". You state that you can't get anymore inbetween sessions when you nurse every two hours. Frankly I wouldn't expect you to unless you kept trying for a few days. Pump anyway, even if you get nothing, thats how your breasts reads for "increase milk". After you feed your baby sit down and pump an additional 5-10 minutes on each breast. You have to encourage your body to produce. Make a recording of your baby's hunger cries to encourage letdown (for worktime pumping), carry a good picture to stare at, take fenugreek root pills.
    I realize its super hard to have a hungry baby and not feed them, is there anyway you can ask your mom to realllllly try to hold off on the formula? Toys, books, walking? It would be best for both of you.
    At any rate, it sounds like your doing a great job with difficult circumstances. Good luck! Happy Pumping!

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    Default Re: Occasionally supplement. Is it dangerous?

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    Default Re: Occasionally supplement. Is it dangerous?

    I am right with you, having the same issue. I am pumping like crazy, but hardly getting enough milk. If I have a quiet day at work, I can pump 3-4 times.... but if I have meetings after meetings, it is much much harder. So I am afraid I am facing with the reality to have to provide formula once in a while (has not done it yet).... or I'll get so stress counting these ounces that I pump (or not pump) that I'll turn crazy.

    At the end of the day, your baby needs a happy relax mommy. Yes, the most breast milk, the better. But formula once in a while should be ok, no>

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    Default Re: Occasionally supplement. Is it dangerous?

    My mother watches my lo & she has had to supplement with formula a few times. She never gives more than 3oz but just enough to hold the hungry off.

    I was driving myself nuts counting how many oz every day & stressing over is it enough??? My lo's ped said that supplementing is fine.
    I have begin pumping on one side while my lo eats on the other before I drop off with my mother & I usually get an extra 2-3oz which helps.

    Hope this helps...

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