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Thread: Help with milk supply and nursing schedule!!

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    Default Help with milk supply and nursing schedule!!

    Hi everyone,

    I am wondering if you all can give me some advice. I am breastfeeding my 7 1/2 month still strong, he is really not taking solids yet very well; however, he also seems to not nurse well in the afternoons anymore, and I feel like my supply has significantly dropped. I started adding one pumping per day and fennugreek to help my supply (2 caps three times daily) and that hasn't helped. He is having enough wet diapers/poops per day and already weighs 20-21 lbs. He hasn't gained much since 5 months old (was 19lbs then), and he will only nurse during the day when nearly sleeping (he is so distracted).
    Here is his schedule:

    nurses at 5am, then back to sleep til 6 or 7am
    nurses again around 9 before and after nap (and during nap usually)
    nurses again around 12-1pm, again before and during nap. sometimes he will eat lunch around 11am, usually only a tablespoon or two
    **this is where my problem is
    I offer him to nurse again around 4-430, but he usually refuses, but will eat cereal and pears. I have tried nursing him in a sling, laying down, he will not sit in my lap to nurse. The only way he eats cereal is if he is in his saucer watching a baby video.
    Bath at 615, then bed around 645-7pm, he nurses to sleep
    wakes up 2-3 times from 7-11 to nurse, where he usually nurses WELL,
    then sleeps 6-7 hours.

    I started working one day per week and I'm gone from 2-8pm. I cannot pump during this time and he will not take any milk while I'm gone (bottle,cup,syringe, etc.) I have noticed my supply is so low in the evenings that I wonder if he knows that and doesn't nurse because there's nothing there!

    Does this schedule sounds normal for a 7month old? Is it okay for him to go 4 or 5 hours without nursing everyday?

    any suggestions would be SO appreciated!!
    I forgot to mention that we cosleep still and I know that's why he nurses so well at night.
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    Default Re: Help with milk supply and nursing schedule!!

    I could've sworn I responded to this message the other day -- I wonder what happened?! Anyhow...

    Watch your baby, not the clock. If his wet diaper output is good and he's otherwise thriving, there's really no need to change anything. Breastfed babies tend to slow down in their weight gain after the 4th month and thereafter with increased mobility. If you are truly concerned, nurse more and cut back on the solid foods. Breastmilk is the most important thing right now and it'll have more fat and calories in it than any solid food that he's capable of eating right now.

    You are also co-sleeping so he could be getting the vast majority of his calories during those night nursings. Babies can be extremely efficient at the breast, getting everything they need in 5 minutes or less. The times that he does nurse he may be getting double what another baby might get from his mama

    Sounds like you're doing well! Keep it up!

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    Default Re: Help with milk supply and nursing schedule!!

    I was in a similar situation a month ago or so, because my DS followed a similar pattern. I am not a lactation consultant so please be critical of my advice but it seems odd to me that your baby nurses so infrequently in the morning (between 5 and 9 am) - this is your highest supply time, so does it make sense to use it more often? As for me, I decided that the baby should little by little start following adult schedule, which means.

    - 5 am morning nursing, then sleep to 6 or 7 am
    - 7 am BF followed by solids
    - (small BF snack before nap if you want to)
    - nap
    - approximately 11 am: BF followed by solids
    - (small BF snack before nap if you want to)
    - nap
    - approximately 3-4 pm: BF followed by small amount of solids
    - approximately 6-6:30 pm: BF followed by solids
    - BF snack before bedtime at 8 pm.

    It took me about 2-3 weeks to introduce this new schedule, and I am really happy that we can "share" meals together now and have time in the evening with my hubby. Also, I noticed that since I introduced this schedule, my baby started taking solids SOOO much better.

    Good luck with it!

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