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Thread: Help! Going back to work this weekend and baby REFUSES all bottles!

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    Default Help! Going back to work this weekend and baby REFUSES all bottles!

    Does anyone have any suggestions for getting my poor baby to take a bottle? He is 5 months old and I have to go out of town for 2 nights this weekend for work. We have tried (almost) everything to get him to take a bottle and he gets MAD and refuses all attempts! We have tried about 7 different types of bottles, using breastmilk, formula, and juice. We have tried 2 different kinds of sippy cups with all of the above, and a regular dixie cup. The only thing we have not done is "wait" him out- although the last time I had to leave him with my dh was almost 6 hours and he refused the bottle and cried the whole time. I have tried my sisters, mom, and friends to give him a bottle when I was not there and that did not work either. My doctor says that he will eventually get hungry enough to take one in 2-3 days, but I feel so bad for him (and my husband) if he is going to cry non stop all weekend out of starvation. What can I do???

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    Default Re: Help! Going back to work this weekend and baby REFUSES all bottles!

    Are there any alternatives to your situation, i.e. bringing him along, or delaying your trip? It must really have you worried to be going away so soon. Maybe something in this link will help?
    A situation has come up where I need to feed my baby from a bottle. Can you help?
    Be sure to see the last part about alternate feeding techniques.

    "9. If all else fails, try doing without a rubber or silicone nipple. For a tiny infant, alternative choices include an eyedropper, spoon, periodontal syringe, medicine spoon, special cup for infant feeding, tiny paper cup (the kind given out to hold condiments in fast-food restaurants), training cup or a regular cup.
    To cup feed, place the rim of the cup on baby's lower lip and tilt the cup until the milk approaches the baby's lip. The baby's tongue will explore and find the liquid. On the first few attempts, this may take a few minutes. He will then lap or sip the milk. Do NOT pour the milk into the baby's mouth. Keep the level constantly by his lower lip and allow the baby to rest and pause while drinking, but do not remove the cup. When the baby has finished, he will let you know by turning his head away, or by other obvious cues. "

    Do you think something like these techniques might work for you/your baby?

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