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Thread: when is water okay?

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    Default when is water okay?

    i bf only, but have heard from some that babies need water, and from others that it is not necessary until later.
    so, when should i introduce water to my bebe? also how much at a time and how frequently through out the day?

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    Default Re: when is water okay?

    As long as you're bf reasonably often, there is no need for water, since your milk is mostly water.

    How old is your baby?

    Around 4-6 mo you can start offering a bit of water now and then, but no more than an oz or two or it could mess up thier appitite for breastmilk. I started offering a sippy of water at 4 mo, but he really showed very little interest intil quite recently (10.5 mo). Now, he'll drink about 1 oz a day from his sippy.

    The recomendation that "babies need water" is for ff babies who can't just drink more formula when they need extra fluids. But bf babies can never have too much breastmilk, so there is no need for water.

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    Default Re: when is water okay?

    I live in GA and my peds office recommends that you offer a bit of water if you're going to be out in the heat. My 5.5 mo old is so excited by other children at the park that she will refuse to nurse and I do not want her dehydrated. So I take along a bottle of water in case she should need it. Then I don't have to cut my 3 yr old's playtime short. I don't give her more than about 2 oz at a time because I don't want to affect my milk supply and I normally nurse her right before we leave to go out. Just my 2cents,

    Mom to Sophie-3 yo and Bella-5.5 mos

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    Default Re: when is water okay?

    The main concern with water is that if too much is given, it can mess up the balance of salts in baby's blood. That can cause serious problems. This link has some good information:

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