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Thread: Running on half a tank

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    Default Running on half a tank

    Although my son nurses equally from both, my left breast recently dried up. I also regained my period at the same time (first period since pre-pregnancy). Is this a signal that my body isn't equipped to nurse much longer?

    I have been trying to get my baby to suckle more often from the left, hoping to encourage milk production, but the only result is that my right breast gets engorged and my baby pulls off in frustration because there is no milk.

    My son is now 12 months, and I'd like to continue nursing for another year from BOTH sides. What can I do, and why did this happen?

    THANK YOU so much...

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    Default Re: Running on half a tank

    maybe you should try the tips in the "Increasing your Milk" forum. Fenugreek, mother's milk tea, oatmeal, etc. And maybe you can pump on that side to stimulate it, since it's frustrating for DS to nurse.

    I'm sure it's related to both your period and I assume your DS is eating less BM and more solids.

    Sorry, I don't have any better advice. My DD is much younger!
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    Default Re: Running on half a tank

    Hi eener,
    How puzzling! Some women do find that with the onset of their menstrual cycle there is a temporary drop in supply.
    Can you describe more about your situation? Before this, would you have considered both sides to be about "even"?

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