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Thread: Not sleeping

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    I'm starting to wean my 1 year old. We've been at two feedings a day for a while and this weekend I just went to one a day. The first night I was kind of full and didn't sleep very well because of it. I'm fine now, but still not sleeping. Has anyone else had this problem? It could be something else, but nothing is really jumping out at me this time (not being able to sleep is not new to me).

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    I have trouble sleeping from time to time...
    I think its normal.
    I wake up when hubbies alarm goes of at 4am.. it stinks when I cann't go back to sleep.
    I use that time to pray, i don't get out of bed.

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    I sent you a private message.........


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    There are hormone changes when weaning.. could that be it? I sometimes have a hard time sleeping because I miss my dd when SHE sleeps well.

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