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Thread: distracted baby

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    Default distracted baby

    our 3 month old son doesnt sleep more than 9-10 hours in night and during day it is random naps of 2-3 time sof 1 hour or half hour
    worried if he is getting enough sleep
    if not, wondering whta i can do to get him to sleep

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    your ds sounds just like my dd. she is six mons. and will only sleep for 9-10 hours per night. just this week she started taking a regular morning nap of one hour. she cat naps off and on during the day. dr. says if she's happy not to worry about it. some babies require less sleep. we are trying to introduce an afternoon nap with limited success.

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    WOW, you guys. That is a lot of sleep!!! Did you know that "sleeping through the night" is considered to be 5-6 hours? Your babies are doing much more than that!!

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