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Thread: baby's sleep

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    Default baby's sleep

    our 3 month old son doesnt sleep more than 9-10 hours in night and during day it is random naps of 2-3 time sof 1 hour or half hour
    worried if he is getting enough sleep
    if not, wondering whta i can do to get him to sleep

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    Sounds normal to me - 9 -10 hours at night is actually pretty good I think - my youngest dd started sleeping through the night at 8 wks ( 10 - 6 ) but that only lasted about a month and then she started waking up once during the night again. Her naps are kind of scattered as well - she'll fall asleep at different times of the day or evening and nap for a half hour to sometimes over 2 hours - where my older 2 started having a regular morning and afternoon nap by this age - guess all babies are just different
    As long as your son seems happy and content I would think he is getting enough sleep and just hasn't hit a regular nap schedule yet...

    ~ Pam
    mommy to Lauren ( 5yrs ) Matthew ( 2 1/2 yrs ) and Emma ( 4 1/2 months )

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    Default Re: baby's sleep

    Wow! That's a lot of sleep!

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