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Thread: Need to supplement, but baby refuses!

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    Default Need to supplement, but baby refuses!

    Help! I returned to work this year and my supply has been decreasing slowly. My baby is 5m and all the women in my family have been unable to maintain supply beyond 6-7m. I never tried formula thinking if I went at BF full time, I could beat the genetics and keep feeding until 1. Seems I was wrong and no matter what I try, my supply is decreasing.

    I have tried 3 different power formulas, and my baby rejects them outright. I've tried mixing 50/50 with BM and still no luck. She simply would rather be hungry and keep fussing than drink the formula. I have pumped enough to know she does okay with bottles but now I can tell my pumped supply is decreasing too. Please help. I'm worried my supply will dry up and she won't be taking formula and will starve.


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    Default Re: Need to supplement, but baby refuses!

    Why do you think your supply is decreasing? Are you having less wet diapers? Let that be your indicator. Often by this age your supply has evened out. So you won't be able to pump much because your body makes exactly enough for your baby. Also by this age they are very efficient at the breast and don't take nearly as long to empty the breast as they did a month ago. Between four and 5months there are so many OTHER reason for a wakeful, fussy baby than hunger. If her diaper output is fine and you are breastfeeding on demand, I encourage you not to worry and to LISTEN to your baby who is telling you she has no interest in formula.
    If you are a mother who is pumping so you can work outside the home, it's very common to start to see a decrease in milk while away. Never mix formula with BM for the very reasons you are siting here. If refused you then have to waste the precious BM. It's always best to feed BM first and then supplement if needed. However, are you having trouble feeding her while with her or is your DCP TELLING your your baby needs more? Because this is a very common problem as well. Again babies at this age are becoming more active and aware of the world around them. They are learning to sit up and roll over and make facial expressions. And they are spending more time awake. If a DCP is always trying to feed an infant whenever they start crying rather than tending to them with interaction and stimuli, they can mistakenly think you need to increase the amount of milk your bring. The rule of thumb on breast fed kids is an oz to an oz. and a half for every hour you are away. If it seems like your baby is needing more than that while away I would push back on the day care provider as to why.
    Only if your child is showing actual sign of dehydration would I be concerned that you aren't making enough. Do you have a freezer supply? A time of day when you yield the most from the pump? If so try to maximize this session and perhaps lengthen the amount of time for it. Also if your go the section on increasing your milk, they have herbs, tea and other things you can take to boost your supply. Good luck! I hope you ARE able to breastfeed your baby for at least a year!

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    Default Re: Need to supplement, but baby refuses!

    Are you pumping at work and at home too? What do you do while you are pumping at work? Do you have a recording of you babies hunger cries you can listen to? It stimulates letdown, and one of the women here was having trouble at work, and it eased it for her. Sounds weird I know, but its your body's responce to your baby you need to encourage right? Do you look at a picture of your baby ( encourages letdown) do you massage your breasts before you get started?
    Give it a try.
    Also, Shelly is correct that you should pay attention to how much is coming out versus whats going in. Its hard to tell exactly how much your bb gets when its nursing. Too bad they don't have a see through tummy so we could tell, what a relief that would be!
    What about taking Fenugreek tablets?

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