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Thread: Just weaned-planning augmentation! HELP!

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    Default Just weaned-planning augmentation! HELP!

    Hi everyone, Can anyone/someone please offer me any suggestion with how long I should wait after waaning before going ahead with a breast augmentation. I know it sounds crazy but I have nursed my toddler until 2 1/2 years and in the end we were only nursing once per day. If I pumped, I would receive a total of 1 ounce combined from both breasts. It has been 2 weeks now and I can still express milk if I stimulate the nipples but I am certain the quantity is nil. I am hoping to augment due to extremely sagging breasts and due to the fact that I am a fitness competitor. I am wondering if there might be risks to the surgery being done subglandular (above the muscle). I am also looking for some fast methods (prefer naturally) to dry up anything left in the breast.PLEASE HELP! Any comments would be appreciated tremendously.

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    Default Re: Just weaned-planning augmentation! HELP!

    Are you absolutely SURE your are DONE having children?

    Way too lazy for formula

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