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Thread: New parents of 5-wk preemie, both working full time from home in 2 wks - any advice?

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    Default New parents of 5-wk preemie, both working full time from home in 2 wks - any advice?

    My wife and I just had our first baby (son, "JJ") back on Dec 10th. He was 5 weeks premature. He was 5# 15z, 19" when he was born. He'll be 4 weeks old tomorrow and has grown to 7#, 11z as of this morning. So he's doing great!

    Mom and I are both a little zapped, even after 4 weeks (10 days of which were spent with him in the NICU). She only has 6 weeks vacation time off, so we are rapidly approaching another major change in our life when she starts to work again.

    She nurses him on demand about 15 times a day (typically 10-15 min one side, diaper change, 5-10 on the other... every 2 hours (give or take).

    We have both quietly been trying to imagine how to handle a schedule where we both work nearly full time from home and share caring for him.

    We could both picture it better when all he did was sleep and nurse... though even that seemed like a challenge. Now that he's starting to be more active during the day, we both kinda wonder how we can do this without failing at our jobs and while doing all that we can to be great (not just good) parents.

    Anyone else in this situation? How do you do it?

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    Default Re: New parents of 5-wk preemie, both working full time from home in 2 wks - any advi

    Part of our concern is that she won't have time away from nursing as things stand now. And i can't bottle feed because she would just need to pump anyway. So some of the "parent sharing" things we planned to do to be able to make this work, don't seem available options.

    I'm guessing we are missing something fairly obvious. Otherwise, we sorta wonder if we have bitten off more than we can chew.

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    Default Re: New parents of 5-wk preemie, both working full time from home in 2 wks - any advi

    Welcome to the board! Sounds like your baby is doing well and eating often!
    I don't have any experience with a preemie, but most babies start to feed less frequently as they get older, so that should help. As he gets bigger and his stomach gets bigger, he will be able to eat more at once and stay full longer.
    Do you both work during the same time of day? Is it possible to stagger your schedules? When my DS was a baby, my DH and I worked staggered schedules and had a friend come and watch DS for 2 hours every weekday (I pumped twice at work). We each worked about 30 hours per week. It might be worth it to try and have someone come to your home and help out for a few hours each week. If your DW works on a computer, maybe she can learn to "wear" the baby so that she can work while nursing the baby in a carrier/sling.
    Also, although I don't think it's a good idea to set a baby on a rigid schedule, I think it is a good idea to observe and encourage his normal sleeping and eating times.


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    Default Re: New parents of 5-wk preemie, both working full time from home in 2 wks - any advi

    Congratulations on the birth of your new baby boy! Preemies definitely pose some unigue challenges, but it sounds like he is growing and thriving!

    I second the recommendation of a sling...and learning to wear your baby. Even if your wife isn't working on a computer, there are lots of jobs that can be done while baby is sleeping, nursing, or looking about in a sling. I had a maya wrap (www.mayawrap.com) but found the zolowear (www.zolowear.com) to be more comfortable and easier to use. I also have a Sproutpouch (www.sproutpouch.com) that I adore, and if I could only have one ot start out with, it would be the sproutpouch, although I didn't have it when my daughter was a newborn, so I'm not sure how it would work for a newborn. My dd is very high needs and can't stand to be left alone, so I learned to do a lot of things in the sling...dishes, cooking, taking walks, vacuuming, working on the computer, etc. They really are a lifesaver.

    I had planned to work with my dd but she was a very fussy baby and it just didn't work out. But I really recommend trying to find someone to come in for a few hours a day to help out...even if that just means doing some cleaning, rocking the baby, whatever, at least initially. I heard that advice and really just ignored it, I guess thinking I was Superwoman.

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