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Thread: New to solids - how much, how often?

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    Default New to solids - how much, how often?

    My son started on his first solids a couple weeks ago (at 5 1/2 months). I was trying to convince myself that he wasn't ready - but he was showing all the signs, so we tried some bananas and he loved them (my baby's growing up ). Since then, we've given him rice cereal and sweet potatoes and he gobbles up everything, and is always looking for more when he's done (which surprises me, since I bf him before giving him solids). I've been giving him just a little early in the day (after his 2nd nursing session of the day). I don't know when to start giving him a second meal though. Some sources say at this age just give a teaspoon or two a day, once a day. Others say this age should have 2-3 meals of solids a day. I want to make sure he's still getting plenty of bm, so I don't want to fill him up on other food, but he seems to want more solids, so I'm confused as to what to do.

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    My son is almost 7 months old and he loves solids. I am giving him cereal and a fruit in the morning then for lunch a veggie and a fruit. Then before bed he gets another bowl of cereal. He still nurses just as much. Go with what you feel comfortable with. You know your baby. Good luck.
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    Default Re: New to solids - how much, how often?

    I appreciate this post because I am wondering about this as well. I just started by daughter this week on solids; she is 6.5 months. We started with a little mashed banana a half hour after her 11am nursing. We started with about 1/6 of a small banana. Yesterday she took a quarter of it. And today already she had almost half! She seems to really like it an want more. Every source I read says different things about solids, so it really is confusing. I don't know whether to go really slow or just start trying different things at that one time each day, then add a second and third feeding in gradually? I guess what the pp says is right - we know our babies and just like with nursing probably just need to follow our instincts. But some concrete recommendations would help. Any additional advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    Default Re: New to solids - how much, how often?

    I started giving shiloh 3 meals a day just so he'd get used to the custom/practice of sitting down at meal times. I don't necessarily give him a LOT of food during those meals..sometimes just a little to chew on...i don't think it matters how often but how much you're offering.

    We tried new foods left and right. we watched for allergies (none) and have had a lot of fun letting him try new foods.

    enjoy this time!
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    Default Re: New to solids - how much, how often?

    Glad to see this post also. I was just wondering the same thing about my boys. They turned 5 months on the 29th and I decided to give it a try too because they had already been sitting with us at the dinner table and looking so enthusiastic about it...lol. The first 2 days (dinner time) I gave them only rice cereal (about 1 tbsp each). Then after 2 days I mixed in banana (only about an inch piece). It's only been 9 days so I am trying not to push too much however, they seem to be doing great. I usually feed them at dinner time regardless if they had BM or not. Then after the cereal/banana I BF them. They surprised me how much they still BF after eating solids. Now I am wondering if I should try different fruits or a veggie at once a day or try feeding them in the am also. I'm not really in a rush but think they would enjoy it. How long has everyone else waited before moving on to more than once a day? I might wait a wk or 2 then offer an am meal (going with my mommy instinct). My smaller guy has really surprised me. He LOVES his food and what is more surprising is how much he BF after and sometimes before. He also is the one who spits up after BF (although not much)...but he seems not to be spitting up like I expected after solids.

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