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Thread: New baby, Formula = Problems

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    Default New baby, Formula = Problems

    Hello all. I had posted about a week ago. I was having some issues breastfeeding and went back to the hospital. My little girl was down from 7 lb. 13 oz. to 7 lb. 2 oz. in just 3 and a half days. I was obviously not able to express the milk due to the surgery I had. Producing it wasn't the problem - it was releasing it. I even rented the hospital's breast pump and didn't have the results she'd need to survive.

    So I am sad to say that I've had to go to formula and feel awful. So I know this is a forum for breastfed babies but really need some advice. Since switching she's gaining weight (slowly) but now she is so blocked. I had to take her to the doctor again and they had to do a rectal. I don't think I could have felt more helpless with her crying so badly.

    She's had nothing but constipation problems for the last week now and I don't know what to do. The doctor has us adding 1 oz. of prune juice to every 4 oz. of formula. That's a significant amount IMO and there's really no change. Now they want me to use suppositories.

    I haven't breastfed her because the amount was so minimal that could be expressed. I'm not completely dried up yet but am close. I just wish I could have a breastfeeding miracle occur.

    Does anyone have any advice for me to help my daughter go poop and not have to continue with these doctor visits, prune juice, etc.? She's had such a rough start.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: New baby, Formula = Problems

    I don't have any advice about the #2 situation...sometimes time is the best remedy for that. I'd try my hardest NOT to get into the suppositories route. It can start a cycle you don't want to have to continue.

    As for breastfeeding, there are lots of ways to possibly continue, EVEN NOW! It sounds like you've had a rough road, although I don't know all the details. Sorry if I'm repeating advice you've already tried. Sounds like you were having a letdown problem? Did you know that pumps aren't an accurate measure of how much milk your baby was ingesting? There is no more effective pump than your baby, and pumps (as great as they are), just don't always work. With my twins, I tried to pump for 20 minutes with an electric pump, and got nearly nothing. I didn't realize that it was a letdown issue....of course, my babies were getting PLENTY of milk!

    Maybe someone with a little more experience can chime in, but if you really want to breastfeed, it's NOT TOO LATE to try again!


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    Default Re: New baby, Formula = Problems

    Remember, no matter what happens, you are doing the best thing for your baby by making sure she's well fed and happy...as andreaohio said on another thread "rule #1 is feed the baby"

    Have you looked into SNS feeding? This is a system by which the baby latches onto the breast but is also receiving supplemental nourishment via a tube attached to the breast. One of the major advantages for mamas in your situation is that it helps stimulate milk production through both nipple stimulation and your baby will remove whatever milk you are still making, thus causing your body to make more.

    If you're able to get some breastmilk into your LO, you may find the constipation issue resolves itself.

    I really hope that helps and remember: You are a great mama doing only the best for your baby girl!

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    Default Re: New baby, Formula = Problems

    It's not too late to try! Check out the relacting threads! We are all here for your support...don't give up just yet...as in pp...bfing should help with constipation!

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    Smile Re: New baby, Formula = Problems

    I'm sending hugs your way b/c I know you must be having a hard time. My LO was born at 6.4lbs (also jaundiced) and was down to 5.2lbs at 2 weeks of age . (Yes - we felt very bad!) I too was producing milk but she refused to nurse, slept too much and we were struggling with cup feeding to avoid the bottle issues. At the 2 week check-up we were shocked to see just how small she was and we started using formula and breast milk in a bottle and she gained almost 1 pounds in the next week. After that, she started to nurse! My milk supply grew and I finally got to where I could have a let down when pumping. For a long time I would pump for 30 minutes and get 1/2 oz on both sides. After about 2 weeks I started to get more and more milk out. She was nursing more too. After spending about a week doing not much else than nursing and pumping my supply was good enough to support her. It was a rough and horrible road at the time and I thought I would not make it but I am a very stubborn person which proved to be useful. I am so happy I stuck it out.

    If you want to breastfeed (or bottle feed breast milk) - keep at it and contact your local LLL leader for help and advice. Just know you will have bad days but always try to make it "one more day" and soon everything will be better and you will be happy you stuck it out - I am! I now have a ton of frozen breast milk and make enough for her every day to nurse or have in a bottle at daycare.

    Good luck and remember you are doing a great job!
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    Default Re: New baby, Formula = Problems

    Agree with people about check out a SNS feeder! It should help you continue to produce milk and give your baby the closeness of nursing.hth

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    Default Re: New baby, Formula = Problems

    don't be afraid to call your local leader she can help!

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    Default Re: New baby, Formula = Problems

    My heart goes out to you. I agree with the other moms, try different methods and see if you can't continue to nurse. If she's getting any breastmilk at all, it's better than none, even if you have to use formula for a while.

    I had a terrible time breastfeeding my frist son. He was a preemie and was severely tongue tied. He was unable to 'work' the breast to get milk from it. They had to give him a special bottle that was designed for cleft lip and palate babies. I pumped so that he was still getting nothing but breastmilk and I kept up my supply in the hopes that he would eventually be able to nurse. When he got out of the hospital, every two hours, I'd offer him the breast and try to get him to latch on. Once he was about a month and a half old he finally got the hang of it and we continued to nurse until I became very ill and required medication that is dangerous to a breastfed baby.

    It broke my heart to have to switch to formula, but it was either give him formula or risk his health. We had alot of trouble with constipation and spitting up when we switched too. I tried several different kinds of formula and I found that the Nestle Carnation Good Start was the only one that didn't leave him constipated. If it turns out that you absolutely have to use formula, that is the one I would reccommend. Also, I would try water with a little bit of karo syrup, it's a trick my family swears by for constipation. Good luck, and I hope it works out for you.

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