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Thread: 1 month old - GAS Problems

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    My son is 1 month today and for the last several days I have noticed he is having trouble with gas? It is hard for him to let out his burps. I noticed that when his gas is stuck, he is very fuzzy until the burp comes out? Any suggestions for the gas problems would be great!!

    I also have noticed that when he lays on his back he gags sometimes, like he wants to vomit?? (Very similar to when a person has acid reflux....Can a baby have acid reflux?

    Aslo, I would like to start to introduce a bottle at least 2 times a week since I will be returning to work in the next couple of weeks. Due to this gas problem any suggestions with using the Dr. Browns bottle (I was told they work well for colic??).

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    Default Re: 1 month old - GAS Problems

    My son had the same problem with the gagging. I notice that if I kept him at a slight angle when breastfeeding helped with the reflux. I also would keep him upright for 20 minutes post feeding to help keep him from spitting up.
    I had a friend that had to gently bounce and do firm pats on their babies back to get their babies to burp. My son spits up if you bounce him (I found that out after my husband complained how Michael spits up after he feeds him-I observed him post feeding and noticed he bounced baby too much). A nurse friend of mine suggested using Mylicon before she feed her baby to help with gas problems-you might try that.

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