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Thread: Low Milk Supply

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    MY DS is 1 month old. At his 2 week appointment he did not make it back to birth weight. I had wondered if I had enough milk prior to that appoinment. He nursed long periods of time, but always seemed hungry after. After working w/a LC, I was put on Reglan. I feel like I have noticed some increase from that. I also am pumping right after a feeding for at least 10 min. (Double pump--Medela). I worked w/another LC and she put me on Fenugreek 2 days ago. I am still pumping and putting DS to breast. I can maintain enough EBM for him to not have formula, but he is taking the EBM by a bottle...about 3 ounces after nursing. I am working on a better latch for him, which is what both LC think is the cause. He is my 3rd child, and I was able to BF the other 2 kids.

    I am seeking some positive experiences from people who have successfully turned around the milk supply. I am wondering how long it took you? I feel like I have been BF, Bottle supplementing and pumping. Yes, it looks like I have enough milk. When will my DS be able to get all that milk at the breat? How much longer will I need to pump and supplment?

    Trying to stay positive...

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    there are some stories from new beginings at that link..
    look in the middle of the page.
    it sounds like you have a plan that's working, most moms are able to kick the supliments with the help of a good lc..
    It might take a few weeks.

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