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Thread: Number of breastfeeding sessions at 9 months?

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    Default Number of breastfeeding sessions at 9 months?

    Hi all,

    My lo just turned 9 months old today. I've been breastfeeding/bottle feeding pumped milk to him all along and we started solids at about 7 months. He used to breastfeed/take a bottle about 6 times a day, but is now down to 4, sometimes 5. He usually easts solids (a mix of cereal, yogurt, cottage cheese and veggies and fruits) about 2 times a day.

    I'd love to drop that sometimes 5th feeding, as it usually occurs about 1 in the morning (sometimes he doesn't wake up for it or just goes back to sleep without it and not crying), but I'm worried that he won't then get as much breastmilk as he should.

    I'd prefer not to add another pumped bottle (my other option given that I'm working part-time) because it takes about 2 pumping sessions to get just one bottle.

    I guess my question is this: at 9 months, are 4 breastfeeding sessions/bottles a day enough?


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    Default Re: Number of breastfeeding sessions at 9 months?

    My 8 month old gets 4 nursings a day, 1 bottle, and one fruit and one veggie. She is perfectly happy and healthy!! Some babies just take more in during nursing than others.

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    Default Re: Number of breastfeeding sessions at 9 months?

    Last month, my LO would have about 3 sippy cups of milk and I would nurse once when I got home. He is eating a lot and drinking water so I think you should be fine. As you introduce more and more food, BF will turn into more of a bonding/comfort time between you and your baby.

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    Default Re: Number of breastfeeding sessions at 9 months?

    my 9 month old dd still nurses about 8 times a day and has 3 small meals of solids (usually 1/3 of a banana and some O's for breakfast; 1/4 piece of toast, an apple slice and 2 oz of yogurt for lunch; a veggie, a fruit and a T or two of beans and/or rice for dinner)... most of the nursing sessions are short and efficient at 5-6 minutes, with longer ones (10-12 minutes) first thing in the morning and right before bed...

    once the solids got introduced, I had no idea what was "normal" or not for nursing amounts... sure wish the boobies had little ounce markers on them!!!

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