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Thread: Question about strikes

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    Default Question about strikes

    I have heard a lot about "nursing strikes"- does this generally pertain to older babies who have other cources of nutrition, or does it happen with younger babies who are taking breastmilk only still?

    And I know it must be really scary and frustrating when your baby won't eat, but won't they just get hungry enough to eat eventually? Obviously they can't go days without food, but chances are they wouldn't even try to hold out that long, I would think...

    Just curious, I have never had to deal with it (Knocking on computer desk, yes, it's wooden)

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    Default Re: Question about strikes

    My question exactly....Collin is 13 weeks and not on solids ( obviously), so why the decrease in appetite? Maybe he ate so much last week he's taking a break?? I dunno. Surely he wont starve himself to death! So I'm trying not to freak out about it...lol.

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    Default Re: Question about strikes

    Ellie started having nursing strikes before she ever had solids. She had severe reflux and figured out it hurt to eat. I had to feed her with a cup because she would go 3-4 days without nursing. I didn't want to give her a cup, but her diaper output was low and we had to get her to eat!

    Nursing strikes aren't fun, especially when you have to find a way to pump while caring for a colicky baby!

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    Default Re: Question about strikes

    In my experiences with nursing strikes, they can happen even when breast milk is the only form of food offered. Wyatt had his first stirke even before solids were introduced.

    Also, yes they may eventually eat when they are hungry enough, but that depends how long you can handle the screaming! They are hungry, and do want to eat, they just refuse the breast. Could you handle the hunger cries until they give in? If so let me know your trick!

    Nursing strikes are not fun but you can get through them! We have surrived two and are almost at 9 months! Yeah for us!

    There is a difference between a strike and a simple change in nursing habits. A strike is when they completley resfuse the breast. But will more than happily take a bottle. So just because they don't nurse on the same type of schedule each day is not a strike. Wyatt would scream bloody murder and push himself away from my breast. Give him a bottle, and all was well!
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