This thread was listed on another thread as a resource, and I thought I would bring it full circle. I decided to continue pumping and providing dd with breastmilk--she has never really liked cow's milk and she needed the extra calories. I pumped until she was around 14 months, providing her with 9 ounces of breastmilk for the sitter every day. She drank it out of a sippy cup, for the most part. At that point, my supply took a significant dip as a result of pregnancy and I was only getting 3 ounces total, with my 3 pumping sessions, so I put the pump away. I didn't have to worry about engorgement because my supply had decreased. I have continued to nurse her, on demand, while we are home, and my supply continued to decrease as a result of the pregnancy. We are still nursing 3-4 times a day, sometimes less, sometimes more, and she is most definitely a comfort nurser now. Funny how things change. Giving up the pump was hard, because I had become so used to providing that for her, and to be perfectly honest, I would probably still be pumping once a day if it weren't for lack of milk. She is still not a big milk drinker, and actually prefers water, but she NEEDS the extra calories from the breastmilk.

Anyway...this probably won't help many, becuase i am pregnant and that affects supply, so its not pertinent to a non-pregnant mama, but maybe someone can benefit!