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Thread: 4 months???

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    Question 4 months???

    I am a first time mom and really don't know a whole lot yet about starting solids, my son is 11 weeks old. Our ped rec starting solids at 4 months, isn't this too soon? What do others recommend?

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    Here are some good resources:


    Based on this info and the fact that breast milk has far more calories than any baby food, we've decided to wait until our LO is at least 6 months old. We plan to start offering food after 6 mo, but wait until he's ready and interested and not force food on him.
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    I think 4 months is too early. I don't know how the AAP can have a statement that says that you should exclusively breastfeed for the first 6 months, and yet say that it's OK to start solids between 4-6 months. I started solids with my twins around 5 months, but at that stage, I can honestly say that they really weren't ready. With my singleton, I waited until he was 6 months, and then he showed me right away that he wanted to feed himself, so it just took some time to figure out.

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    A lot of doctors recommend this, even though it totally contradicts all research about babys' bodies and food allergies. There is absolutely no benefit to introducing solids that early. All current research clearly shows that babies introduced to solids before 6 months are much more likely to have food allergies than babies given solids after 6 months. Especially if you're exclusively BFing, there's nothing you can feed your infant that is anywhere near as healthy as your breastmilk. Wait and your baby will be healthier for it.

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