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Thread: Fenugreek Question?????

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    Just a warning, not that this WILL happen to you, but here's my experience. I would be VERY careful about herbals, etc. I had a MAJOR reaction to some nursing vitamins with fenugreek and blessed thistle. My LFT(liver function test) elevated to a dangerous level. The only thing I took were these supplements. Because of how they are sold, these pills don't require testing and approval from the FDA. Sure, there are complaints about the FDA. In order to earn FDA approval the drug has to be proven not only effective, but also safe. These types of supplements are proven to be neither. Just as many people swear by them as swear because of them. From now on, only supplements with proven safety for me.

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    I had a major supply issue a couple months ago, and Logan also wasn't gaining much at all.

    I started with blessed thistle, then fenugreek... Within hours of starting the fenugreek I had a nice boost in my supply. I started oatmeal when I started the blessed thistle as well. I started all this about 6 weeks ago. I started with blessed thistle 2x a day (2 pills) and fenugreek 3x a day (2 pills) and did end up increasing the fenugreek to 4x to get my supply to where I needed it. After a couple weeks at that dosage, I dropped the fenugreek to 3x, BT to 1x. Another week of that and I dropped the BT all together and fenugreek 2x. One last week at fenugreek 1x and now I am finishing out my first full week with no fenugreek. I do still eat at least 1-2 oatmeal items a day and I drink 1-2 cups of mother's milk tea that I started when I started weaning off the pills.

    My supply is still going great and I am able to pump 6-8 oz in the morning, and feed Logan immediately afterwards.

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    I read that the Blessed Thistle can cause liver problems if used long term. It's interesting that you panel came back elevated. Makes me nervous bc I'm taking BT and Fenugreek as well as drinking the tea. Maybe I'll up the Fenugreek instead of the BT.

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