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Thread: different views from pediatrician

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    I agree with pp, don't offer the info. With my first son I did exactly as the pedi said. This time I am going with what I feel is best. We co-sleep, when asked I just say he is still in our room with us. He doesn't push it any further. I know at 4 mo. check up he will give the o.k. for solids. I will just smile and nod. I don't plan on starting until 6 mo. Go with what you feel is best.

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    I got lucky. The ped dd saw at her 6m checkup last week *it's a group practice* is very understanding and knowledgeable about all of these topics.

    He knows that dd is getting the iron she needs from my milk, and didnt agree when the nurse said she needed cereal for an iron supplement.

    I also mentioned that we co-sleep. He had nothing adverse to say about it. The topic came up when he asked if she was sleeping through the night yet. I said "not really, still wakes up about every 2-5 hours depending on her mood". He mentioned letting her CIO *he also clarified that he meant for a maximum of 10 minutes*, and I stated that it would be worse because she co-sleeps. He totally understood.

    I guess I am lucky that the specific ped I saw was so intelligent and respected my wishes on how to raise my daughter.

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    The weird thing is, with doctors (and other parents too, I think) is that most of the advice they offer to "help" really shouldn't even be given. I mean, if I want to get my child up to nurse when she wakes once or twice in the night instead of letting her cio like they suggest, why should they care? Is it disrupting THEIR sleep? Will my child not become president someday because her first year or two were spent getting some extra nursing sessions in the middle of the night? Yes, I might be a little more tired, but if I'm okay with it, what difference should it make to them?

    Same thing with which food to offer first. Avocado, banana... these are healthy foods. I could see if we were saying "I'm gonna skip that cereal and go right for the funnel cakes and lard pops"--then they might have a health issue problem. But all of the health benefits that they tout with cereal can be found in other foods that are easy on the stomach. I think so often they just say what they've been saying for years because they think it has "worked" with so many other kids. My thinking is that new things are discovered all the time in the field of healthy eating.

    So you can either tell him "here's what we're doing, because it works for us and the research I've done shows it is beneficial to my child" or you can say "she preferred bananas and avocado." Put the burden of proof on him to prove you're doing something medically wrong. Because you're not. And your baby will be better for you doing what you and your dh feel are the best things.

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