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    My dd is 13 weeks old. So far, she's been nursing great. I've been back to work for a month and she has ebm from a bottle while I'm away. This has never been a problem. But. Starting this weekend, when I try to nurse her during the day she nurses for two minutes and then turns away and starts sucking her fist and looking all around the room. She acts like she's not hungry. She seems happy, so I'll wait and try to nurse her a little later and she does the same thing. Up until now, she's eaten pretty much every three hours on the dot...but NOW she's going 4 or 5+ hours during the day without nursing. I eventually break down and give her bottles. We use the slow nipples so she still has to work for it and she still nurses FINE at night [at least for now]. But. Should I just let her go without during the day? Is she not really hungry? I don't know what to do. I know it's silly, but it makes me so sad when she doesn't want to nurse!

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    My ds is only 9 weeks, and I do not have this problem yet, but I have read in Dr. Sears book about this, and it says that somewhere around 3-4 months the baby sparks a new interest in the world and wants to look around and take everything in, and it can make breastfeeding difficult for a couple weeks. It says to stick it out, and it will get better again. Good luck!

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    I agree with pp...
    Sometimes nursing in a dark room helps.
    Whats her nursing pattern at night?
    Some babies will nurse alot at night because its nice and quiet and moms not so stressed.
    Will your baby lay down and nurse?
    Sometimes that helps with babies with older sibblings that are busy.
    Lay down and nap with baby, and then before they wake up all the way offer another feed. ITs nice for mom also to slow down and have a rest, you don't have to nap too but just slow down. read a book and just take a break.

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