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Thread: Increase milk?

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    Question Increase milk?

    Hello...when toddlers wean, do most increase their whole milk intake at the same time?

    I am leaning toward weaning my 18 month old in the next few months and was wondering if her whole milk consumption will naturally increase as she nurses less and less. Right now, she doesn't seem to drink more than a couple of sips at every meal. I've even tried to mix in some "flavor" with vanilla soy milk. She's not allergic to milk, I've just been able to find the flavored milk as soy.

    I'm sure every child is different, but is there an average rate on this topic? Any suggestions?


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    Default Re: Increase milk?

    I don't know about other babies, but my DS was the same as yours--would only drink very small amounts of milk (we used straight cow's milk) until he was completely weaned. Then he was more interested in milk. Since it took a couple of months to wean, I fretted in the interim that he wasn't getting enough milk, since he never took EBM. It corrected itself once he was completely weaned.



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