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Thread: Cows milk??

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    Thanks for the encouragment!! I think I am going to start BFing her before giving her solids now. BM is the best thing you can give your child, so why not let her have as much as possible! I'm sure my MIL would have a fit, but oh well! ha. I started pumping yesterday, got like 3 oz, i couldn't believe it! I guess I do have plenty of time to start pumping! haha. tomorrow night is my husbands holiday work party, so I'm trying to get some stored so the babysitter has it for her night feeding. As that will be the only mean she'll have to worry about. She won't take formula (which is a good thing) so I just have to make sure she will have enough. Not that I've been trying to give her formula, but once when I had to be gone all day for a training..and I only knew about it days ahead, I didn't have enough EBM so I brought some formula, but she wouldn't drink it. She knows what is the good stuff and what isn't! So, as far as the whole solid thing, I BF her first and than wait a bit before giving her the rest of her meal? And just have her eat until she is full than? Eventually she will just start eating more or what?

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    I'm sure there are plenty of ways to do this, but what we do with the breastfeeding first thing, is to try to make sure DS has breastfed within an hour or so of last nursing. He was an every 2 hour nurser until a few weeks ago, and now at almost 10 mos., he goes anywhere from every 2 hours to 3.5 depending on what time of day it is....I let him nurse on demand too. For instance, its 1:13 pm right now, and he slept through lunchtime, but nured at like 12:50, so in a little while here when I'm done typing, I'll make him some lunch and just let him eat as much as he wants. I also let him have water with his meal, but some mommies give EBM. I know he nursed not too long ago, so he can eat as much solids as he wants without replacing too much breastmilk with solids yet.

    With my oldest son, by the time he was a year old and could actually go without nursing first, he had more of an appetite for solids anyway, and was going even longer in-between nursing than he had been a few months prior...so we just let him lead at that point and didn't worry about making sure he nursed first, but just let him nurse whenever he wanted. It seems like the older they get, they naturally get less interested in snuggling up and nursing all the time, and start to want to nurse at more specific times of day like before naps and bedtime and in the morning etc.

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    I think if you just start pumping say 15 minutes a day, after breakfast or before baby wakes, your supply will start to increase. Even if you aren't getting any milk, keep pumping. You'll notice after a little while, you'll let down again. Also eating Oatmeal can help as well as other grains. My DD is also 9 months. She is eating maybe 2 or 3 tablespoons(that's what I imagine the chunks to equal anyway) of solids when we eat together as a family. She has no interest in dropping any of our bf sessions though. So I say if your bb seems hungry, try offering the breast. Even if she only gets a little your body will start producing more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TristaDani View Post
    I guess I just didn't know if water/juice was good enough...but I guess she is still getting breastmilk so she is getting plenty of fluids...its more that I am trying to get her used to the sippy I guess. I was pretty sure you were suppose to wait until 1 years for cows milk but just wasn't sure. My MIL is always telling me that she gave her kids cows milk by 6 months I always say that I've read you should wait because of allergies. I myself am not a big milk drinker so its no bother to me. I just thought if I was going to wean her off the supper feeding per say, wouldn't she need something to drink other than water or juice??
    My mom tried to give my LO cow's milk at 9 days of age because she was "too small" and my milk was "not good enough." Luckily, I stopped her and did not leave my LO alone with my mom after that - not even for a nap. My LO's Pedi doc said to wait until 12 months to prevent allergy problems.
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