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Thread: Night feeding...weaning

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    I nightweaned at two. Tried it before that and it was terrible. Once she was able to have a conversation it was easier. There was a lot of crying, but I was comforted by the fact that I had told her what would happen and she was comforted by the fact that she could talk about it too. It took about a night and a half and it was done. But I was still nursing her at other times so she looked forward to that morning nursing session. She still needed snuggles... now I'm weaning her from snuggles!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ's Mom View Post
    I just want to add that w/ my one year old....a lot of it is still TEETHING. So don't forget that when you talk about the "comfort nursing" and how they don't need it. We actually had been experimenting this week w/ me sleeping in another room because the night nursing was almost non-stop...I figured he must just be doing this cuz he can smell me! WRONG! While he did eat less while I wasn't there...yesterday a MOLAR which had been poking thru for weeks..came all the way thru..it's SO BIG and had to break his skin in SOOO many places! And last night, he slept for 6hours straight w/me right next to him! So remember comfort nursing can be for so many things including pain. I want him to eat less at night and NEED him to sometimes. But not anymore than he NEEDS to nurse when he's dealing w/teeth or walking or a new care situation. Just because they are doing it for comfort vs hunger doesn't mean they NEED it any less! (IMO)
    This happened to us at around one year too!! I'm glad you found the cause, and that the sleeping situation has improved.


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    i totally agree with djs mom...as i stated before : unless you wanna close the door and leave em cry, (which i feel is very inhumane...)they will grow up alot more secure and dependent. i see it in my 6 year old already, even though he may still climb in bed with us. he is still my baby!! sometimes it is very frustrating and there are days we all feel touched out. at that point i try to remind myself that ds is only little once, and in just a few short years, he won't "need " me. think about our parents with us as babies and then now my dad always tells me about when his "little pumpkin" would crawl up in his lap and we would rock...now look at us "all grown up" ohh, im gonna cry!!!

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