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Thread: We've made it to six months!

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    Default We've made it to six months!


    Just wanted to say that despite supplementing, ds and I have made it six months breastfeeding and still going strong. All the help from other mom's on the site and my local LLL has helped resurrect our breastfeeding relationship and allowed it to meet its maxium potential. I still have to supplement half of ds's needs but our breastfeeding relationship is great. I am so glad that I stuck it out because I feel like it has gotten way easier, ds has a great latch now and takes the breast at least 8 times a day/night. Co-sleeping I think has been our lifesaver and because of it he is more ready to take the breast in the daytime. Thanks mama's for all the support, advice and encourgement!

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    Yea!! I'm pleased that you are pleased! Way to go!

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